Education starts before birth

bebeAt no other time in its existence does the human being experience a comparable intensity of development to that of the prenatal period: to start as a cell and, in just a few months become a complete being, or virtually complete, possessing astonishing abilities, indelible acquisitions, is incredible!

Therefore, whilst recognizing the importance of the child’s education – especially in the first years of life – and without denying the efficacy of selfeducation by the adult who takes charge of his own development by working on himself, we can state that neither the education of the young child, nor the self education of the adult will ever have the fundamental impact of prenatal education. The new-born baby has already spent 9 months which have largely set the bases future being.

Prenatal education therefore proposes to give the embryo, then later the fetus, the very best materials and conditions for its development, as part of a natural process and according to its own dynamics, of all the potential, all the faculties the initial egg possessed. 

One question has been asked us: who is this education to intended for? The mother or the child? The answer is: both of them. For symbiosis is such between these two beings that everything the mother goes through, the infant also experiences. The mother, the child’s first universe, is both physically and psychically, entirely this latter’s ‘living raw material’. She is also the mediator between the world and her child. The human being forming inside the womb does not understand the outside directly but at each moment receives the sensations, feelings and thoughts of its mother reacting to this world. In its developing psychism, its cellular tissues, its organic memory, it records these first materials which colour its future personality.

More than a thousand years ago, the Chinese founded prenatal clinics where expectant mothers spent their pregnancy in an atmosphere of serenity and beauty. Today scientific works carried out in four different spheres converge to highlight the possibilities of educating infants in the womb. These possibilities concern :

  •  emotional imprints detected by psychologists and psychoanalysts, (go to Emotional Imprints)

  •  the ability elementary particles making up atoms, molecules and living cells, to record information, calculated by physicists.(go to Cellular recording of information)

After looking at most of these works together, we will see how the mother-to-be can best benefit from them, joyfully, in her daily life.

Source: author Marie-Andrée Bertin, former president O.M.A.E.P. (World Organization of Prenatal Education Associations)

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