Enjoy a conscious, positive and happy pregnancy

happy pregnancyThe pregnant woman – more than any other individual – as being, is the centre for a formidable complex of energies to take place, structuring matter. She bears within her the blueprint of a new being. By the sole fact of acting, feeling and thinking, she produces and attracts structuring energies of a determined nature. She can abandon them to the fluctuations of life; she can also decide, in as much as it is possible, to direct her physical and psychic energy in a positive direction for the child. A decision which also concerns those around her in the family and in society in general.

Gestation is a kind of natural galvanoplasty.

If the mother-to-be is aware of this process and, by making her own life positive, incorporates in her body, heart and mind, the equivalent of a piece of gold foil, she is giving the child being formed within her the very best physical material and very best information available on the sensorial, emotional and mental level. She then, in partnership with nature, becomes the conscious co-creator of her child, to whom from the outset she gives the very best chances. Is this ambitious? Yes, as regards the aim; but the means o f achieving it are simple and easy to implement in one’s everyday tasks.

There are no exacting methods to apply: this would be contrary to education, which is an awakening, she merely releases her love, her creativity. There is no set list of recipes to follow, we will just try to indicate the spirit, the atmosphere to achieve, through a few suggestions chosen from three fields, physical, emotional and mental.

NutritionOn the physical level, let us take the example of nutritional awareness. We all know to start with that it is good to choose healthy, living foods and balanced menus. But eating these mechanically, without thinking about them, means we only use the chemical elements of them in our stomach and digestive system. And yet, during the summer months, fruits, vegetables and cereals store up a prodigious amount of solar energy which can be captured through the mouth, by chewing the food slowly. All dieticians give this advice. You have certainly all experienced the effectiveness of this. When you are ‘feeling a bit tired’, eat a piece of fruit, even if not very sweet, an apple for example, and you immediately feel better, your energy returns. However, the new materials need digesting before they reach your cells. What gives the immediate comfort is this energy captured via the mouth and transmitted directly to the nervous system. Deep breathing will help to fix and distribute this energy. Lastly, if the young mother eats with enjoyment, feeling grateful to nature for distributing all these treasures, she will have been nourished and have nourished her infant both emotionally and physically. In addition, she will have created a positive attitude towards food in her child.

As regards the emotions, feelings: how can you live constructively for the infant?

Emotions and space are closely inter-related. Unhappiness, heartache compresses the heart, makes us short of breathNegative feelings such as fear, jealousy, resentment, also give rise to sensations of weight and restrictionJoy, however, expands the heart. When in love, for example, we feel light, as if we had wings, we feel immense, full of energy, the world is our oyster. It is this state of happiness and inner expansion which is good to cultivate and transmit to the baby, so that the powerful joy of living is engraved lastingly in his cells.

Music, singing, poetry, art in general, and nature help achieve this inner state and impregnate the child with a taste for beauty. 

In this respect, the father plays an important part.

Father’s attitude towards his wife, the pregnancy, the expected child, has a major influence in making the child happy and strong through a happy and confident mother.

daddy and childHowever, you may say, life sometimes interferes with this ideal situation due to stress (a car accident, for example), a serious problem (the father being made redundant), or a sad loss. So what should one do in these difficult circumstances? One should cope! Mothers have what Dr. Thomas VERNY calls a ‘protective shield‘ for their child: their love. Many women tell us that during pregnancy they had the instinctive reflex of protecting their child `as if it were already born’. For this reason they refused to let themselves get into a negative state. They talk to the baby, explain things, reassure it. And therefore the baby records that life `has its ups and downs‘ and that one can overcome them. The foundations of a strong character have already been laid down. Through her thoughts, the mother can also make a conscious effort which is determinant for her child.

Women have great powers of imagination. They can use them to wonderful advantage in forming their child.

Imagination has often been described as the ‘folly in the house’, being likened to more or less woolly-minded dreaminess, more or less unbridled fantasy. But we are speaking of the creative imagination, of the mind’s creative force; when channelled towards beauty, intelligence, kindness and wisdom, it can work wonders. For example, the mother can work with bright colours, carrying them with her, installing them around her in the apartment at little cost. She can above all look at the seven colours of the solar spectrum broken down in a prism, and mentally flood her child’s cells with them. These are the purest, most powerful colours, for light is life. And the spectrogram of thought concentrated on light can be superposed over that of light itself. Now, each of the 7 colours is linked both to a system of the organism and to a psychic faculty. The pregnant woman working on these colours therefore improves these two planes in herself and in her child. She can also visualize the qualities she hopes for in her child. She can imagine it at the childhood stage but also as an adolescent and as an adult manifesting these qualities, without pre judging, the sex of the child, which is determined at the time of conception.

All visualization is the conscience’s way of putting to work the subconscious forces in order to bring them to life.

Great vigilance is therefore necessary in order not to project upon the child one’s own personal desires. Children should not have to compensate for their parent’s possible failures or frustrations, nor realize their ambitions. They are free beings with a life of their own to lead.

New bornThe aim is to deposit in the child the quality foundations of a general nature which it needs and will be able to develop throughout its existence.

Even if they are busy, all mothers and fathers alike can set aside, preferably at fixed periods, time for a ‘lovers tryst‘ with their child, to talk to it, tell it how eagerly it is awaited, how healthy it is, how beautiful, noble, generous and strong..

We must also emphasize how this conscious effort by the mother receives magnificent
rewards’ from nature in many ways :

  •  firstly, the three disadvantages of pregnancy: tiredness, anxiety, fear, will be substantially reduced and even disappear completely under the effects of these positive thoughts, leaving in their place only confidence, joy and pride.
  •  the natural conclusion of a conscious and joyful pregnancy will, – as long as no accident occurs – be a birth which is also conscious, controlled, gone through in a spirit of joy and unison with the child.
  •  the child, thus gestated, will be easy to bring up and will have all likelihood of giving its parents satisfaction.
  • lastly, the mother will have gained a great deal personally.

By thus consciously forming her child, she will have re-created herself in her body and states of awareness. She will enjoy a veritable renaissance.

Source: author Marie-Andrée Bertin, former president O.M.A.E.P. (World Organization of Prenatal Education Associations)


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