“Education begins before birth” – O.M.Aivanhov

aivanhovIs it possible for education to begin before birth? Yes. Because true education is primarily subconscious. A child is not a little animal which you can start training as soon as it is old enough. A mother can have a beneficial influence on her child in the womb through the harmony of her thoughts, acts and feelings. And this pre-natal influence must be faithfully continued once the baby is born, for, as all parents should realize, a tiny baby is highly sensitive to its environment. Ultimately, it is by example that parents and pedagogues should accomplish their educational mission.

During all the time of gestation, the mother has to watch and to protect her child by creating consciously around him a harmonious atmosphere, because the real education of a child is the one that acts on its subconscious. The mothers do not realize the importance of their educators’ mission. If one wants to improve the humanity, it is necessary to begin with the beginning: to educate the mothers about the laws of electroplating or galvanoplasty and to give them the best conditions while they carry their child.

An education which begins before the birth… Yes, because the true education of the child is at first subconscious. The child is a soul on which the mother, which still carries him in her, can act favorably by her thoughts, her feelings and her harmonious behavior. This influence, which is in a sense of magic essence, has to continue to exercise on the baby, of whom it is necessary that the parents know in which point he is sensitive to the atmosphere which surrounds him.

Finally, it is by their example that parents and teachers have to pursue their educators’ task because the child is much more profoundly marked by the way of being and to act of those that take charge of him that by advices and lessons which they can episodically lavish on him. This subconscious education of the child requires so the highest consciousness on behalf of the educators.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov


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