About Global Prenatal Initiative

prenatalThe Global Prenatal Initiative (GPI) is an initiative of the UN ECOSOC Commission of the World Organisation of Prenatal Education Associations (OMAEP), and is in partnership with the 20th Anniversary of the United Nations International Year of Families. The GPI is an awareness raising campaign. Partnership events, summits and forums are planned throughout the world on the importance of the family and particularly the prenatal period on human and global sustainable development. An outcome document on the GPI will be made and given to the United Nations at the end of 2014.

The Global Prenatal Initiative (GPI) is a wake-up call to the essential paradigm shift that makes global sustainable development realizable. The “9 Months to Save the World” begins at conception. The time spent in the womb is the foundation for long-term health, emotional security, intelligence, creativity and much more for every human being. It is vital that the link between these early stages of human development, their long-term impact and the current global challenges be known.”
~ Julie Gerland, GPI Co-Founder and Director

GPI gathers support from both civil society and governments. Major and grassroots events are taking place around the globe during the 2014 United Nations 20th Anniversary of the International Year of Families (IYF).

Events focus on the UN priority themes for this year:

  • Confronting family poverty
  • Ensuring work-family balance
  • Advancing social integration
  • Inter-generational solidarity

The GPI invites individuals, associations, NGO’s, civil society, United Nations agencies and governments to partner in this global awakening as we discuss the importance of the family and the prenatal period on human and global sustainable development. Prevention and empowerment are major keys for the immense task of reaching the United Nations’ goals.

Source: globalprenatalinitiative.org


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