Non-physical environment of your baby: Your Thoughts


New science discoveries show us that the mind is powerful. Buddha said once “The mind is everything. What you think, you become.” And i say “what you think, he/she will become”.

Because being pregnant implies a second body, mind  and soul within you, then we can assume that the baby is in a direct relation with you not just through physical ties but through your thinking too.

Thoughts are like this: surround you. Like a first layer of environment. And whatever thought you have will influence the baby, directly via the energy it has and will surround you and your baby’s body and indirectly via the physical effect it has on you (release of different types of hormones).

Of course, ideal would be to start exercise how to control your mind before conceiving, in the preconception period or even sooner. It benefits not just your future child but first of all YOU.

For learning how to  control your thoughts, first you have to understand how the mind works so i highly recommend you the book written by Jose Silva “The Silva Mind Control Method“.

I personally tried it and i can say that it helped a lot to enter a state of peace and calmness when the avalanche of gloomy thoughts hit me. In that state (called the alpha waves state) you learn how to control what you think. It’s enough if you do it between 10-15min a day, like a short meditation after you wake up or before you go to sleep. After that it is easier to apply the exercise on your everyday life, even in the amid of turmoil.

Imagine you have a beautiful bright halo around your body, like an aura, which is made by your non-stop thinking, you are the weaver of your own web of thoughts. It surrounds you and it influence your life and others. You wouldn’t like it to be grey or darkened from place to place, would you? Like a nice dress you have, you have to take care of it, or clean it.

Eliminate the bad thoughts, erase them with an imaginary sponge, replace them with bubbles of positive thoughts that will eventually fit in the “dress” texture perfectly.

You are the tailor of your thoughts and you can change them whenever you want.  Change them in that way in which your baby would love to grow up in.

Surround yourself with beautiful, uplifting thoughts, stay positive!


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