Conscious Conception – Communicate with your future baby

What do you know about the spiritual component of conception? Have you ever looked beyond the sperm and egg? What do you know about the spirit, the soul of your baby?

The Flower Of The FetusWay before the physical components – sperm and egg – come together, the spirit of a baby to be, the soul of a ready to be re-incarnated being is making contact with either the mother to be, the father to be, or both.

These souls or spirits link themselves to the energy field of their parents to start connecting, building a relationship and getting ready to be born.

Generally these spirits have either a karmic link to us, in that we have had many lifetimes with each other and through some act of kindness they’ve been attracted to us, or the spirit of the baby can be of angelic existence being curious to physically experience life in order to be of greater service to humanity moving forward, or the spirit baby merely chooses us because there is something important it needs to learn from or through usor something important it needs to teach us. Sometimes this can be as simple as the child wishing to learn a particular human skill, such as a sport or an instrument, or as advanced as a conducive environment to nurture a future priest, nun, healer, business person, president….

Naturally, understanding that the spirit, the soul of our child-to-be, is in our energy field pre-conception, in order to facilitate easier conception and smooth the transition of incarnation for our baby connection and communication with our child-to-be is an important aspect of healthy conception, pregnancy and later on parenting.

Just giving you a very personal example from my own life. I always intuitively knew I would have two children with a third a maybe. Sometimes throughout my adult life I was able to see my first daughter to be. Through meditation I am now even more consciously connecting with her, as I know that in 2 years time – earlier if she gives me the signal that she is ready to be born – we will physically try to conceive her. In the meantime she has been communicating with why she has chosen me as her mother to be, what she has come in to learn and to teach, and where she wishes to live.

All this information has independently been verified by multiple other mediums and psychics. Since I have been actively connecting with this spirit couple of people have independently contacted me stating visions / dreams of me with child.

Another example are the pregnant women whom I have been working with who dream about their babies and just know for example what name they want to be given. Or what activities they maybe like learning.


The same happens when someone comes for a session with me, whether they are coming for a healing, a reading or actual fertility work, sometimes a vision just jumps in and you can see a child or two, of either gender, and you just know that that is the future child of the client – however depending on circumstances the soul might delay it’s incarnation by one or two life times…

Naturally, conscious conception principles and connection with our child to be, are very important concepts to understand when we are confronted with “physical” fertility challenges.

One important thing to note is, even though you might have a clear spirit of your future child in your energy field, it will not be physically conceived until:

  1. the spirit is ready to be incarnate – which can be years or even couple of life times as in the spirit world time is non exist
  2.  the environment is conducive to what the spirit needs 
  3.  the spirit needs us to be energetically, emotionally receptive and ready to match the vibration of the spirit baby.

This is one of the reasons for miscarriages – the spirit thought it was ready to be incarnate, yet while the soul together with the mother create the body something is not quite right, or the spirit starts not feeling ready to be in a physical body and it withdraws, putting the pregnancy at a stop, in order to come again at a later time.

So how can we determine this? How can we know what the soul of our baby needs to assist it in its incarnation process? How can we create the perfect environment to conceive this spirit child in this life time?

We meditate, we balance our chakra system, and we call the spirit in.

Meditation and clairvoyant / clairaudiant / clairsentient abilities are like muscles that need to be trained. The more we practice the more we are able to fine tune messages we receive. So if you are new to meditation being able to feel or see your child to be might take daily practice for a week, two weeks, a month, but if you maintain your persistence your child to be will feel welcomed.


You need to know that most spirits that have chosen their respective parents are keen to communicate with the parents. If we are not doing active communication this might come through a strong feeling of having to move to build a family or having to change jobs or having to see a certain practitioner. The spirits will try their hardest to help you conceive them.

However some parents are just not meant to be birth parents or are not meant to be the caretakers for life. So consequently communicating with your child in spirit form can sometimes tell you whether you are meant to conceive the child naturally or whether you are meant to be an adoptive parent. As there is some karma between you or whether your soul actually chose not to physically experience birth.

Anyways, this is a very long subject that can be discussed from multiple angles.

The crux is that our children are in our energy system pre-conception / incarnation and they wish to make contact and develop a bond. They might want to tell you what they wish to learn, or what you need to do energetically to be a better “host” for its growing body.

So how can you increase your fertility? Contact and communicate with your child to be…

Simply start with a 15min daily meditation…

  • In order to still your mind start focusing on your in and out breath and feel the difference in sensation between in and out breathe – cold vs warm, moist vs dry, expansion vs constriction
  • Start at the nostrils, breathe 5-10 breaths
  • Follow your breath into your body, focusing on sensation around sinuses for 5-10 breaths
  • Follow your breath into your body even further, to the back of the throat for 5-10 breaths
  • Follow your breath into your lungs and feel the lungs expanding from the very top to the sides, the back the bottom – the whole lungs… 5-10 breaths
  • Then you might like to balance your chakra system if you are adapt with some chakra meditations – a simple one would be starting at the base chakra and breathing red through it and then through the body, followed by sacral chakra breathing orange through chakra then through body, and so forth
  • After you have balanced and empowered your chakra system start breathing just through your heart space. Breathe in through the front and out through the back of your heart space. Just really connect with your heart space and call out loudly or silently to ask to connect with your spirit child and make your intentions clear. Then just listen…. Sometimes you can maybe sing a lullaby…
  • Try and connect through your heart every day, and sing a lullaby to make the baby feel welcome and called in
  • You can also do some chanting.



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