From Conception to Birth 1 – Nutritional Support

Nutritional Support“No one pays attention to the placenta. If a machine were built which could do all that the placenta does, everyone would be lost in admiration.” J.G.Martinez

Eating during pregnancy

  • Food which is fresh, live and natural maintains a higher degree of immunity for the pregnant woman and her baby.
  • Raw fruit, raw vegetables and grains are a source of essential vital energy.
  • Fatty acids from cold water fish help to build the large brain of a human baby.” Dr. M.Odent

Breast milk

  • … “Living Tissue” gives the child all the necessary elements for its development: proteins of human quality, protective substances, enzymes, antibodies…
  • Breastfeeding is a basic form of preventative medicine. It is also both practical and economical.
  • Suckling of the mother’s milk prolongs the physiological and psychological link woven during pregnancy. If bottle-feeding turns out to be necessary the link can still be maintained by looks, physical contact, the mother’s voice and tenderness.


  • Good breathing is just as important as good nutrition.
  • The intake of oxygen is of primordial importance for the formation of cells and particularly for the development of the brain.
  • Avoid tobacco, alcohol and also certain medicines.

❤ Loving encounters

❤ I choose food which is fresh, healthy and varied and I find a calm space to joyfully share my meals with you.

❤ I will go out and breathe fresh air and renew my contact with Nature as often as i can.

❤ A few deep breaths during the day and even during meals bring me a sense of relaxation and well-being.

❤ I visualise myself nourishing you and prepare myself, right now, to be able to do it.



Photo editor: Paul Onofrei


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