From Conception to Birth 2 – Sensory Stimulation

Sensory StimulationOver the course of the last two decades the sensory aptitudes of the foetus and the new-born baby have been explored more and more. Scientists have observed that the foetus perceives information using all its senses, reacts to that information and memorises it. These perceptions stimulate and refine the development of the sense organs and the brain. They are early acquisitions which promote the child’s development and its ability to adapt to life outside the womb.

Prenatal Singing

“If the pregnant woman adds singing to the spoken voice she will produce more intense resonances, creating a powerful physical and neurological impact. It is much more balanced and complete for the child. It is also very invigorating for the mother.

The more high-pitched feminine voice affects the foetus in the higher part of the body. The father’s lower pitch affects the lower part of the body. That is why a decided to create prenatal singing courses for parents. The results confirmed my hopes: the babies were born with a well-developed upper and lower body, with grace in their movements and a surprising presence.” Marie-Louise Aucher

“During pregnancy, the gypsy speaks to his partner’s little one, he sings and plays the violin…So right from the start the child recognises the music and the voice of his father which calms him and helps him sleep. The father doesn’t only speak and sing but he also listens, his ear pressed against the taut skin of the mother’s belly, he listens to the rushing of the blood and hears the baby moving. This is called the music of the kings, the music of the gods. P.Derlon – Journals of the new-born baby no.5 “The dawning of the senses”.


  • “It is through the medium of smells, flavours, forms, colors, textures and sounds that the development of the embryo and foetus takes place.” Caraka Samhita (Ayurvedic medicine)
  • “The human being is from the start a communicative being. From the beginning of his foetal life you can communicate with him if you know how to listen…The child has already been shaped at birth through the power of language.” Dr. F.Dolto

❤ Loving Encounters

❤ I speak to you as if you were already born, and your father and I sing to you, whenever we can.

❤ Because I am attentive to your reactions, I listen to music that is melodious and joyful and which gives us both a feeling of well-being.

❤ I love to touch you tenderly. I sense that you are waiting for and expecting my careses. You expect your father to caress you too.

❤ I choose beautiful colours for my clothes and my surroundings in the house. They give my body energy and fill my heart with joy.

Photo editor: Paul Onofrei


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