From Conception to Birth 3 – The Rhythms of Life


All is rhythm in nature, all is rhythm in life.

The rhythms of development of the human being come into play from the moment of conception. As the pregnancy progresses the rhythms of the foetus’ life are influenced by those of its mother (the alternations between walking and sleeping, activity and rest) of the environment and of nature (the day-night cycle, the seasons…)

“The baby in the uterus  is a desire for life which takes form in a rhythmic environment. Even when the mother sleeps her rhythms are ceaselessly changing: variations in the beating of her heart and breathing which toss the baby to and fro like seaweed shaken by the waves of the sea. During the day there is the added balanced rhythm of the mother’s walk.

Life in the uterus appears like an uninterrupted interweaving of rhythmic variations….

And when the baby is born everything stops. So the mother then feels that she should rock the baby, sway and sing songs, all of which, in some way, give him or her back the lost rhythms.”  V.O.Marc

“Recent studies confirm that bilateral rhytmic motion helps the memory and also the reconstruction of that which has been memorised. Of all the noises and rhythmic movements which accompany his development, the child remains “eager” to get back the sense of serenity, experienced in the womb.” M.L. Aucher


In the course of each 24 hour cycle, the metabolism and activity of the pregnant woman are rhytmic (biological, psychological, familial, professional and social). These rhythms should be adjusted, if necessary, for the well-being of the mother and baby with the help and advice of childbirth professionals.

“The same river of life which runs through my veins, night and day, runs through the world and dances in rhytmic pulses.

It is the same life which rocks the ebb and flow of the ocean,

Cradle of birth and death.

I feel my limbs glorified at the touch of this universal life,

And I feel proud, for the heartbeat of the life of ages,

In this moment dancing in my blood.” R.Tagore

❤ Loving Encounters

❤ Baby, you are growing inside me, my body is changing, it is adapting to your needs of today and preparing for those of tomorrow.

❤ I know that walking, dancing, swimming are good for you. I continue to enjoy them but take it more gently, a little at a time, day by day.

❤ I make sure that I breathe slowly, deeply, and get sufficient rest and sleep.

❤ I am always attentive to your needs, adapting my activities and work.

Photo Editor: Paul Onofrei


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