From Conception to Birth 4 – Psychoaffective Relationships


 “A very strong emotional bond between mother and child becomes physiologically, psychologically and emotionally closer and stronger, week by week. These recordings are not separate; they function together: the affective side acts on the biological side producing various hormonal secretions and these hormones, for their part, give birth to feelings.” Prof. J.P.Relier

When his parents speak to him, the child perceives all the love which their voices comunicate. In this way bonds are already created and from the moment of birth the new-born baby prefers his mother’s voice to all others and naturally recognises that of his father.

The child is a lot more receptive, attentive and loving than we have ever imagined. He needs to be considered with a lot more sensitivity, warmth, affection, tenderness and humanity, both within his mother’s womb and at birth.” Dr. T.Verny

“Besides the mother’s sensitivity to her baby’s slightest reaction (in the womb) could there exist a subtle language through which they can understand each other without words and which could be the result of a special osmosis between two beings who love each other…such as a mother and her child.”M.C.Busnel


❤ Loving Encounters

❤ Every day I set aside a special time for being with you, I listen to you, talk to you, sing to you and tenderly touch you…

❤ In the evening we share more intimate moments together. Your father shares them too, whenever he can.

❤ If ever troubles or grief arise I explain to you what is happening. I reassure and protect you.

❤ I consciously share with you everything that makes me happy; all the many joys of everyday life.

Photo Editor: Paul Onofrei


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