From Conception to Birth 5 – Imagination, women’s creative faculty

ImaginationImagination is a genuine psychological tool, at the disposal of every woman and, if well orientated, it can create positive images which form a blueprint of structured energies for the child’s development.

The pregnant woman’s psychic activity has an effect on her child, so intimate is the mother-child symbiosis.Thought gives birth to emotion which triggers reactions in the autonomic nervous system and the hormonal system. These, in turn, affect the mother’s biological balance and can bring about functional and structural changes within the child.

“Human relationships support themselves through the intermediary of the ideas created by each person…You could say that the child is first born within the head of its parents because it is accepted that the image of a child attracts to itself a whole series of desires and ideals…The child to come is the bearer of the most cherished promises.” Prof. B.Cramer

“The transformation of consciousness can transform the brain for you cannot separate matter from consciousness.”D.Bohm

“My mother experienced poetical inner states while she was expecting me, I owe my career to the lyrical tone of her pregnancy. It was my mother who led me towards nature and art even before my birth. She did it through poetry: being a musician, I later translated what she gave me into music.” O.Messiaen

❤ Loving Encounters

❤ I comfort myself at difficult times by reliving happier moments in my imagination. This also protects you. Then I create images of a better future using the power of thought.

❤ I contemplate beauty, create beauty and imagine beauty so that I can impregnate you with it.

❤ I relax often and, in my imagination, I visualise you robust and full of life, happily leaping about in nature. Then I imagine you as you would be later on; a well-balanced adult, free and creative.

❤ That’s how I imagine you but I will welcome you just as you are.


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