The Transmission of Life – A Creative Work

Creative workFrom the first cell to the new-born child

“Do you know that from this first cell your baby will multiply its weight and volume to an astonishing extent? Do you know how many cells you are producing?

You, yourself and not a machine! It is you who have produced, in the space of 9 months, sixty billion cells!!” C.J.Martinez

The mother’s womb constitutes the human being’s first ecological environment: during pregnancy, the interaction between the mother and child is such that the risks of physical and psychological pollution are able to reach the child within the womb. The roots of human health are not only found within the genetic inheritance but also in this long and patient period of formation all through the life of the foetus.

 “…At the end of early infancy, the primal adaptive system* reaches maturity. Primal health is built during the whole period of complete dependence on the mother, first within the uterus, then at the time of childbirth, and next during the breastfeeding period.

All the events which happen during this period of dependence on the mother influence the state of basic health…”


*primal adaptive system – the primal brain, the hormonal system and the immune system make up one whole.


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