Becoming a Mother, becoming a Father…

Baby and parentsBecoming a mother brings about physical, physiological and psychological changes, different states of consciousness and also a different way of being perceived by those close to you.

“Isn’t pregnancy one of the most special phases of a woman’s life? Like an artist in full creative flow, living night and day with her creation, she finds herself living in a completely distinct state of consciousness which, at times, allows her to feel invincible, as though protected by the creative life-forces which she carries within her.” Y. Moisan

“Women’s status in society is enhanced through the recognition of the creative dimension to motherhood. Only a woman can carry, give birth to and breastfeed a child.” A.M.Sanz

The most fundamental thing is the rich relationship between the mother and her child. The love felt for the child, both by the mother and the father, is capable of enhancing the physical and psychological development of the child, way above any tehnique.

If the father is there for his partner during the pregnancy, if he surrounds her with a sense of affection and security, the mother will feel valued and will blossom all the more during her pregnancy. If he communicates with the child through his voice, touches him and expresses his tenderness, the father is weaving his first bonds with the child.

In this way the man is easily able to assume his role as a father, which is complementary to the mother’s role and which strengthens the bonds between the couple and within the family.

It is the child which transforms a woman into a mother, a man into a father and extends the life of a couple into a family. Sometimes the parents’ own early chilhood or birth experiences can cause difficulties during this transformative process. Competent professionals are often able to offer assistance.


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