Support your baby’s health and save the world |Interview with Julie Gerland

If you have an interest in how the prenatal period affects babies, and how to optimise your unborn baby’s wellbeing, this interview is for you.

The message of this video is much more than just loving your own child from the beginning. It is about harnessing our collective power as parents, to recognise the crucial role we have in creating a healthy, happy future for everyone!

Positive global change starts inside the womb with the formation of a new human being over nine months. Your unborn child is not separate from you. In the womb they are bathed in your hormones. They learn about feeling safe and loved or feeling anxious. Their nervous system wires up accordingly.

Of course we all have times in life, and in pregnancy, when we feel stressed, sad and angry. We’re all human after all, and challenging feelings are normal. It’s not about becoming instantly peaceful. Let go of the guilt that your baby can feel your fear or pain. Be kind to yourself.

What can you do to step out of stress and anxiety and into calmness and relaxation?

Julie Gerland’s suggestion is a helpful one. When you recognise you are feeling upset, fearful or stressed:

  • Stop
  • Breathe
  • Appreciate something or someone in your life
  • Send out your love

These actions will instantly activate your parasympathetic nervous system (the relaxed, contented part), transform your bio-chemical state and release ‘love’ hormones in your body.

If you want to support yourself further and make it even easier to move into a calm response:

  • Learn to meditate
  • Do body centred movement like yoga, tai chi, chi gong or feldenkreis.

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