Lightining our future

lightiningOur future as a species, the human race living on this Earth for millions of years. We arrived at a point where the current model of society and way of living cannot sustain our deepest needs as HUMANS. When i’m thinking of our human needs i came across words as love, protection, nourishment, affection, family, trust. How come these essential values are becoming more and more harder to achieve? People don’t believe in love anymore, they feel less and less safer, the fear takes place instead, they don’t trust even their closest relatives, building solid relationships is a real challenge and keeping the faith is fading away…

What these all have in common? They have in common the respect for LIFE. Being alive is a privilege and all the values i remind you about are the main instruments to celebrate it every day. Because life is too damn short to stay in a place of fear, anger or mistrust. True, we need them so we can appreciate the good things but moving on is the key to rebalance our humanity. Yes, this can mean taking risks: abandon to love, trust like a child, nourish without expectation. But nothing great ever was created without the RISK. The engine is named faith. Faith is what keeps us walking forward, hoping for the best.

We know deep inside our soul that life is a miracle and we were created to be happy. Our human needs are no longer fulfilled, the respect we show for “living” is diminished. Everything starts with us even the exterior world is not helping much. Inside we have to discover and reconnect with the joyful child we are forever. The distance between a mood and another is 1 degree long! Stay young and joyful, discover every day new things, learn to lean on faith, search your passion, follow your intuition and heart. Because we were made to love and be happy. Life is short. It’s worth the try and be a lightning for the future!


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