Normal vs. Caesarean Delivery

Short and to the point.

Prenatal Bliss

New bornAlthough you may find that c-section is very common, but you can’t dislodge the fact that surgeries are risky and caesarean birth is a major surgery in your tummy and pelvic area.

Doctors may suggest caesarean delivery when there is a danger to the life of a mum or baby.

In such scenarios, c-section is the safest option. Women who are overweight, had previous surgery on tummy or are suffering from a medical condition have a higher risk of complications. Sometimes, doctors would have induced labor and it is not progressing, you may have to undergo caesarean surgery.

The major advantageoffered by c-section is that you can schedule which makes it convenient and reduce the stress related to labor and delivery. You’ll feel a great sense of control over the childbirth that acts a booster to your emotional state. With c-section, there is a lesser risk of birth…

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