What never started, Never ended.

What never started, never ended. What happens when two don’t know what they have become?

29.29.58 different years. Timeline crushes to ½ for one second…again…and again…and again…

No feelings, mixed feelings, strangers, connection, chemistry, in and out, hot and cold, reply and no-reply. Could you really be yourself when you don’t know who you really are? Why is it so hard to undress your mind when is so easy to achieve sexual intimacy?

Layers of thoughts…layers and more layers…fears…unknown before…explode…silently…

Game. Feelings. Psycho. Psyche.

Past experiences define you more than you thought.

You ran away from me when i opened up, i ran away from myself…and now we are two wanderers.

Why did it felt so damn good with you? Addiction? Munition? danger. Now i’m only looking for that feeling again. Sadly it’s about the man not the situation, where are you „my man”?

How can i settle for less? You knew when to comfort me, tease me, laugh with me, play with me, advise me.

The lack of affection didn’t stop me somehow, i don’t know how, didn’t stop me to fall…started like a play, ended like a „fuck…reality”

Two eyes that don’t have the courage to confront me, green as i said blue for me…checking me when i don’t pay attention….wondering if i am, i really am there or i’m an ilussion?

And today i am afraid to give my heart, afraid to expose myself, to open myself, to trust. Not because of you baby, but because of the past that still hunts me. I still had the guts to try, and try again, and give chances…to others but in the end to myself…

I need you to calm my spirit…i love your voice baby.

Cold hearted for many…warm for some…

Tired of the chess game…yearning for it…Paradoxes. Life. Live.

Feeling like home where you are. I hate this one…so bad..never felt this before…how can you be home when i am my own home??? But i do feel it….it soothes me. In the beginning i even lied to myself telling that it’s the place. It’s you babe…It took me almost one year to accept it.

You heal and broke me at the same time.

Just tell me….tell me something…anything….hug me as you can, kiss me as you wish, go down on me like you only know, love me or not but be there, inside me, lay next to me…wake up in the morning…drink your coffee, smoke your cigarette, smoke me….feel me…

I need to see you again…and again..and again…

I will see you again….I see you….


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