World Family Summit 2017

The theme of the World Family Summit this year held at the UN Geneva:

No Family Left Behind: Families and Local Authorities working together to transform cities and human settlements into inclusive, safe, resilient, sustainable with strong communities.

The commitments to “leave no one behind” is a key feature that we must embark in a great collective journey, ensuring that the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and the Global Goals are translated into effective actions reaching everyone over the next 15 years.

Women, men, children, youth, older persons, persons with disability, people living with HIV, indigenous people, refugees, internally displaced persons and migrants, all of them have in common the fact that they belong to a Family living at Local Level.

Supporting local authorities and families to implement the SDG11 and SGD12 is a great opportunity to achieve better integration between community needs and public policy development leading to renewed hope, harmony, jobs and growth, while ensuring sustainability.

We should all work together towards a common goal and that is to bring the ultimate peace desiderate on our planet, with an open mind and open heart to embrace all the humanity as it is, one step at a time, backed up by sustainability and leave no one behind.

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