Cellular recording of information


According to Jean CHARON, a French physicist, the elemental particles making up atoms, molecules and living cells, not only obey the laws of physics, but also the basic process of psychology. The particles are indeed capable of

…recording in a memory referred to as eonic, the information provided by its environment, and are capable of reproducing, rememorizing it (10/18 times per second) whenever it replies to itself, and to communicate it to other particles.

Recording, memorization and communication are attributes of psychism.

Thus Jean CHARON says that each elementary particle has it psychic counterpart. Now, the information contained in this psychic dimension modifies the vibratory quality of the elementary particle.
David BOEHM, once a collaborator of EINSTEIN in England, Geoffrey CHEW, Fritjof CAPRA in the United States, and many more, mathematically confirm these works.

Thus the privileged information received by the child about the mother’s psychism, feelings and thoughts modifies the vibratory quality of the cells of this developing being.

This is also the way that what we go through personally is inscribed in our cells’ chromosomes, and in particular in the sexual cells which make up the child’s genetic capital.

Source: author Marie-Andrée Bertin, former president O.M.A.E.P. (World Organization of Prenatal Education Associations)


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